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Three generations worth.

Since 1926, Enterprise Roofing has been defining quality workmanship in Dayton. We are still owned and operated with pride by the same family that started the company.

Three generations of trust.

Our commitment to our craft is evident in the countless projects we’ve worked on throughout the years. From commercial and municipal projects to residential projects large and small, we are constantly striving to provide the highest quality. Our skilled management and staff stand by our work. Simply put, you can count on our prompt, careful, and professional attention to your project. Join our family of satisfied customers!

Fall Roof and Gutter Cleaning Tips

Undertake preventive maintenance to save money and extend the life of your roof.

Roof repairs


In Ohio, fall is a short-lived few weeks that gives you just enough time to make your pre-cold weather to-do list and hopefully get the most important things done. Taking extra care of your roof this season can help protect your home from dangerous and costly roof damage that the colder months can bring. In order to ensure that your roof has the longest lifespan possible, follow these roof maintenance and gutter cleaning tips this fall.

Gutter maintenance

Clogged gutters are one of the major causes of ice dams. Before cold weather arrives, make sure your downspouts are clear. Remove any fallen leaves and debris that may have accumulated over the fall season. Flush gutters with water, inspect joints and tighten brackets to make sure they are secure and rust-free for the winter.

If any of your gutters or downspouts are drooping, broken or in disrepair, it’s important to fix them before winter. Fall is also a good time to consider installing gutter guards that will keep you off the ladder and your hands clean next fall. Best of all, it’s potentially a DIY project. However, if your gutters are high, you aren’t a fan of heights or your gutters and downspouts need repairs too, Enterprise Roofing can take care of both projects at once.

Fall roof maintenance

The most important thing to do for your roof before winter weather arrives is to fix any outstanding damage. Here are some roofing concerns to be on the lookout for:

- If there are leaks or gaps, you can be sure that heavy snow and ice will find its way in and cause further damage. Get them fixed lest small gaps become big problems later. Often some caulking or new flashing can fix the problem.
- Inspect your roof for wear and tear and make sure shingles aren’t curling, buckling or crackling. If shingles do show signs of damage, replace them immediately.
- Make sure your roof is ventilated and insulated properly. When there are ventilation and insulation problems, moisture can get trapped in your attic and cause mold or other problems.

Trim tree branches away from your house to keep them from hanging over your roof. This helps to eliminate the risk of limbs breaking and damaging your roof, which is often caused by the weight of heavy snow and ice building up on branches.

The most thorough way to prepare your roof for the winter is to have your roofing contractor out for a professional inspection. At Enterprise Roofing, our promise is to deliver unsurpassed workmanship no matter what the project. We’ve provided quality roof inspections and gutter cleanings to the Miami Valley region since 1926. We are very familiar with the Ohio’s unpredictable winters, and our roofing professionals can prepare your roof for nasty weather. Give us a call today at 937-453-3933 to find out how you can start preparing your roof for winter today.

Tips for Winterizing your Roof

Make sure your home is prepared for Ohio’s harsh and ever-changing winter weather.

Winter is your roof’s least favorite season. Ohio’s harsh winds, often heavy snows and extreme temperatures can make your roof susceptible to costly and dangerous damage. A well-maintained roof protects your home from snow, leaking from ice dams and even structural collapses. The key to protecting your roof in the winter is thorough preparation and planning before the colder weather arrives.

Here are a few tips to prepare your roof for what winter will bring:

Give your roof a routine inspection. Check for any outstanding damage and address it immediately.

- Roofing materials should be evaluated to ensure they are sufficient to stand up to winter weather. Be sure to replace any shingles that are worn.

- Clean your gutters for any debris that has accumulated throughout the fall months. Clogged gutters can accumulate ice and snow, which can lead them to fall and cause leaking, structural roof damage and even foundation damage. Make sure to eliminate the possibility of these issues prior to winter.

- Insulate and ventilate the attic to reduce the risk of ice dams forming when the temperature drops. Ice dams are formed when your roof is warm and melts snow that has accumulated on your roof. The melted snow then freezes on your roof overhang and ice accumulates, forming a dam. Melted snow water continues to trickle down to the overhang and backs up behind it, flowing under the shingles and potentially into your house.

- Trim overhanging branches to eliminate the risk of frozen limbs falling onto your roof.

- Make sure roof flashing is secure.

- Inspect the attic for any leakage or damage and address it immediately if needed.

- Make sure your downspouts are clear and can drain properly.

The best way to keep your roof lasting for years is to schedule routine roof inspections with your roofing contractor. Roofing professionals can identify what type of roof you have and exactly what it needs to be best prepared for winter. Experienced roofing professionals take all of the guesswork and safety concerns out of roof inspections. Experts are able to identify subtle signs of potential problems that you can address prior to harsh weather or further damage.

Enterprise Roofing has spent decades gaining a thorough understanding of the intense winter that can hit the Dayton region. We are a trusted name in the Miami Valley region, dedicated to providing our customers quality workmanship that’s done right the first time. Give us a call today at 937-453-3933 to schedule your free roofing consultation.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Roofing Contractor


Find the right roofer for your replacement or repair by asking questions that matter.


You have a lot of options when choosing a roofing contractor for your repair or replacement job and finding the right one can be tricky. After doing your research and choosing a few prospective contractors, it’s important talk with each one to find out more about the company and the work they do. Make sure you’re asking these four important questions before you make a decision:

- Ask for references from current projects and roofing projects that happened a few years back. This helps give you an idea of workmanship and professionalism of the roofer’s work now and also how the work holds up after a few years of use.

- Is the company licensed and established in your area? Many contractors travel to areas that have recently been affected by inclement weather and move to the next area after their work is done. This poses a problem when things go wrong. Will the roofer be around if you have a warranty claim? A roofing contractor who is licensed and established in your area will understand local weather and is more likely to be available if you ever have a roofing issue.

- Will the company give you an in-person estimate? Estimates need to be done in person. There is no way a roofing professional can determine exactly how much your job will cost or what needs to be done without an in-person examination.

- What are the details of the warranty? Make sure to ask how long the company guarantees its work. If you’re planning to sell your house soon, find out of the warranty is transferable from owner to owner. Typically, roofing warranties last for a year at minimum and the roofer covers the work while the manufacturer covers the supplies. These are two separate warranties, so make sure you understand and have copies of both.

If you’re looking for a reliable roofer in the Miami Valley region, call Enterprise Roofing today. Our roofing experts will give you an in-person consultation for free along with comprehensive answers to all of your questions. Family-owned and operated, we promise transparency to our customers and provide the honest, quality work you are looking for. Give us a call today at 937-453-3933 to get started.

When Is Emergency Roof Service Necessary?

Make sure you know what to do in case roof damage causes an emergency.

Any roofing repair is important, but determining whether damage has put your home in an emergency situation is imperative to protecting your home’s structural foundation, your safety and your wallet.

A good rule of thumb is that anytime the plywood underneath your shingles is exposed, it is an alarming situation and your roofing contractor should be called as soon as possible. Whether high winds have ripped shingles off of your roof, a tree limb caused damage or insect infestation resulted in substantial deterioration, all these situations require prompt roof attention.

Other emergency situations that require an immediate response are ones that pose a safety threat to your living environment. As always, use your discretion when handling roofing situations. It’s always better to call your roofer sooner rather than later when you find the first signs of any roofing damage. A few emergency scenarios could include:

-Hail or rain damage

-Heavy ice buildup

-Damage from strong win

-Falling tree damage

-Roof leaking

-Exposed roofing

If you experience any of these or other emergency roof situations, seek safe shelter immediately. Emergency roof issues can lead to fires, extreme water damage and other devastation. Make sure your family has a plan, just in case of an accident. If anyone is injured, smells smoke or sees flames, call 911 immediately.

Weather-related damage is the most common cause of emergency roof repairs, especially in Ohio where the weather is highly unpredictable. That’s why the roofing experts at Enterprise Roofing are available 24/7 in case of any emergency. The Enterprise Roofing professionals are unable to work in complete darkness and cannot make repairs in extreme inclement weather, but we make it our first priority to get our customers help as soon as possible.

The most important thing to us is family. Being family-owned and operated since 1926, we understand the importance of creating a safe and secure environment in the home. We are dedicated to giving our customers unsurpassed workmanship and the reliability they deserve.  If you are interested in a free roofing consultation or have any questions about our emergency protocol, please contact us today.

Determining Whether Your Roof Needs Repaired or Replaced Before Putting it on the Market

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign and House

Deciding to jump into roof repairs or replacements is a commitment. Make sure you know your options.


Will replacing a few shingles really help me sell my house faster? Do buyers really care? Is it my responsibility to repair a 20-year-old roof? These are a few of the tougher questions homeowners have to ask themselves before putting their home on the market.

Since a major roof repair can cost thousands of dollars, any roof replacement or repair that has recently been completed often becomes a point of negotiation in a home sale. And it’s no wonder: according to Remodeling Magazine, full roof replacements average a 71.6 percent return on investment (ROI), while minor roof repairs deliver an average 61.7 percent ROI. But, the first step to making a decision is getting a home inspection to find out how serious or necessary any replacements or repairs are.

If a specialist reveals that there are issues with your roof, the first step is to get a quote from your roofing company to see if you can afford the repairs.


 Reasons to repair:

- You may be able to sell faster. That’s because eliminating roofing problems creates one less concern for homebuyers when they are considering a purchase.

- A well-maintained home is more appealing to buyers. Replacing or repairing your roof will make an enormous difference to the appearance, functionality and value of your home.

- If your roof is at the end of its useful life it may seriously factor into the final sale price.


Reasons to sell as is:

- If you sell in a competitive market, buyers are more likely to overlook roofing issues.

- If the repairs needed are minor and you don’t have the budget to fix them prior to selling, you may be able to negotiate a selling price without major impacts on the final sale price.

- If your roof’s warranty is transferable and you aren’t motivated to go through the repair or replacement process prior to selling, negotiating the warranty transfer to cover damages puts the repairs or replacement back into the buyer’s hands.

If you’re selling your home and looking for a roof estimate, call Enterprise Roofing today. Our roofing experts will give you a consultation for free. With years of experience serving the Miami Valley, we know what buyers are looking for. Give us a call today at 937-453-3933 to get started.


Frequently Asked Roofing Questions


Four of your toughest roofing questions answered.

If you have questions about your roof you should always seek a professional consultation before making a decision on how to proceed. But, here are a few guidelines to reference when abnormalities and roofing questions arise.

Q: How do you know when an asphalt shingle roof needs replacement?

A: If your roof is more than 16 years old, considering new shingles might be a good idea. If your shingles are lifted up, have curled edges or are cracking, you may be due for shingle replacement. If you have noticed dark patches on your shingles, it means that the protective granules have worn off and shingle replacement is necessary to prevent roof leakage.

Q: How do I find the right roofing contractor?

A: Make sure to find a roofing contractor that is rooted in your community and will be able to give you support throughout your entire roof’s lifecycle. Ask friends and family for their recommendations. After you’ve compiled a list of a few roofing contractors, compare quotes. Proceed to make your decision based on work, material and support quality.

Q: How long should a roof last?

A: How fast a roof degrades depends on a large number of factors, such as quality of construction, maintenance routines, roof design and inclement weather. With this being taken into consideration, typically a roof should last homeowners around 20 years.

Q: How do I know to repair or replace my roof?

A: Always get a professional opinion before making a replacement decision. However, there are a few red flags that could indicate you are due for an entire roof replacement; leaking roofs are a big one. If your roof is continually leaking there is a good chance you’ll need an entire replacement to prevent further costly damages.

If you have questions about your roof, or are interesting in finding a contractor in the Dayton, Ohio, area, contact us today for a free consultation. Since 1926, Enterprise Roofing has provided reliable, high quality workmanship, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with lifelong support.

Eco-Friendly Roofing Options


Choose a durable roof that protects your home and the planet.

If it’s time to replace your roof, make sure you’ve consider all of your options. Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular in the roofing industry and include options that are both attractive and eco-friendly. The benefits of such a roof include:

  • aesthetic home improvement
  • landfill diversion
  • improved air quality
  • energy efficiency
  • decreased fire hazard
  • noise reduction

Make sure to consider these options when you’re picking out your eco-friendly roofing materials. Keep in mind that the best option for your home depends on the design of your home, and your budget.

Cool Roof

An eco-friendly roof isn’t always defined by the type of materials you use to build your roof; it can also be one that saves energy and resources.  A light-colored or white roof helps reflect the sun’s rays away from your house, which keeps your home cooler – and in turn reduces energy bills.

Metal Roofing

Choose a light-colored metal made with recycled content for an eco-friendly roof. Metal roofing is a great choice because it is extremely durable, long lasting, light reflective and fully recyclable. Metal roofing is also fire-resistant and a good option for homeowners who want to collect rainwater. With metal roofing you also don’t have to worry about the chemical runoff from asphalt shingles.

Recycled Shingles

This is probably the most eco-friendly traditional roofing option. Recycled shingles are often made from recycled building waste or from discarded factory material. These products are extremely sturdy and help divert waste from landfills. This material also reduces the processing of raw materials, which lowers energy consumption and reduces pollution. Recycled shingles can also come with exclusive warranty packages.

Rubber Roofing

If you’re interesting in a rubber roof, the first step is to make sure that rubber roofs are permitted in your area.  Rubber shingles are recycled from tire and come in a range of colors. This option is one of the most durable roofing options. Rubber shingles often last a lifetime and usually come with a great warranty package.

If you are interested in replacing your roof with an eco-friendly option, call Enterprise Roofing today at (937) 298-8664. We’ve served the Miami Valley for decades and can help you find a green roofing option that is suitable for your home and acceptable in your city or neighborhood. Contact us today for a free consultation!

How to Clean Your Roof Correctly


Increase the lifespan and property value of your roof, simply by cleaning it.

Cleaning your roof can give your house a polished look that doesn’t cost as much as getting a new one. Not every roof needs cleaned every year, but with Ohio’s high summer humidity and unpredictable weather, mold and mildew can build up quickly. We highly recommend that homeowners call a roofing professional when cleaning, since any time spent on the roof is a high-risk situation. And, typically a professional roof cleaning isn’t as expensive as homeowners think. If you do decide that a DIY method is best for you, here are some things you should know:

Remove Debris

Debris is often lightweight and can be removed with just your hands. As always, if you’re getting on top of your roof, make sure you are following proper safety protocol and wearing durable gloves. If your roof pitch is more than 7/12 on a single-story shingle roof, 6/12 on a two-story shingle roof or 5/12 on a metal roof, do not walk on it under any circumstances! Call a roofing professional instead. If your roof is a safe pitch, you can also use a soft broom to brush off debris, just make sure not to apply too much pressure to the broom. Another way to remove debris from the roof is with a blower. Although this does eliminate some of the walking and bending over that other methods entail, this method can cause debris to end up in vents, garage spaces and the attic since you aren’t in control of where debris lands. This method is also dangerous for shingle roofs – it can break the adhesive between shingles and remove granules. Only use this method if you can be sure that you can blow the debris from the ridgeline, or top of the roof, down.

Clean Streaking and Algae

Dark streaks are a type of algae that live off the minerals in your roof shingles. Algae thrives in moisture and is commonly found when roofing is in shaded areas. To remove staining you will need to apply a cleaning solution to your roof. There are two main ways to clean streaking off a roof – pressure washing and chemical cleaning. Pressure washing uses highly pressurized water to remove mold, grime and algae. This method is only acceptable for metal or concrete roofs because the water pressure can damage shingles. Chemical cleaning is also an option to remove streaking and algae, but make sure that you take into consideration chemical runoff and potential residue damages.

Get Rid of Moss

Most of the time, hosing off your roof and gently scraping the surface with a long-handled, soft-bristle scrub brush can remove moss. In extreme cases when moss has become a large issue, a chemical cleaning can also remove and prevent moss from coming back.

Roofing Experts

We take pride in giving each of our customers a roof that complements and properly protects their home. If you need help with anything from cleaning to a roof renovation, call Enterprise Roofing today at 937-453-3933. Our roofing professionals provide unmatched attention to detail to every aspect of every project.

4 Most Common Roofing Problems

A small roofing problem can quickly turn into an expensive home issue if you’re neglecting your roof.


No matter the issue, roofing problems always have the potential to become detrimental. Make sure you are protecting your home from these common roofing problems:

Roof Leaks and Moisture

One of the most expensive and harmful forms of damage your roof and home can face is water damage. In Ohio, heavy spring, summer and fall downpours can ruin a compromised roof and damage your home’s structural integrity, leaving behind mold and rot.  To prevent this, visually inspect your roof to make sure flashing is mounted securely, there are no missing shingles and gutters are free from debris.

Insects and Animals

From birds to carpenter ants to mice, critters of all sizes can cause untold damage to a roof. It often starts with small insects that chew through eaves and fascia boards in search of food. Once you have small insects, bigger animals, such as woodpeckers, peck holes along eaves looking for food. Mice and other birds are also attracted by the accessibility of your attic, choosing it as a nesting site. This can attract larger wildlife, like raccoons, that will pull shingles off your roof in a search for a way to get to bird eggs and mice. Clearly, the best strategy is to get rid of the insects at first appearance so your roof doesn’t attract other types or wildlife.


Overhanging tree branches pose the risk of falling and puncturing your roof’s exterior or wearing away the protective top layer of your shingles. To prevent damage, trim back branches away from your roof and remove trees that are close enough to your house that they could fall on it.


Your shingles protect your roof and are an essential part of its performance. Make sure to watch out for discoloring, curling or missing shingles and replace them immediately when you see an issue. Neglecting shingles can leave your home susceptible to rot and leaks.

In conclusion, a lack of roof maintenance in the short term can easily lead to large safety and financial consequences in the long term. Staying on top of problems can help prolong your roof’s lifespan and minimize expenses. If you foresee a problem with your roof, call Enterprise Roofing today at 937-453-3933 for a free consultation. We are built on three generations of trust and are committed to delivering quality roofing work throughout Dayton, Ohio, and the entire Miami Valley.

Four Things New Homeowners Need to Know About Roofing


Move into a house where you can rest assured that your roof is safe and secure.


Getting the key to your first home is an exciting experience that comes with a laundry list of concerns and worries. It includes everything  from what color you to paint the walls, to whether or not a major repair is lurking in your future.  The key to getting a good start with your new home is a thorough inspection report that investigates all major components of your home, including your roof. After you get your inspection report back, make sure you cross these things off your roofing checklist:


Understand Warranties

Roof warranties can be transferable to new owners. Not only does this take away the burden of repair and replacement costs, it also adds value to your new home.  Make sure to read your policy thoroughly and fully comprehend your deductible and premium so you can be financially prepared in case of an emergency. 


Know Your Insurance Policy

Insurance policies can cover most roof damages that result from natural causes, such as storms and hail, but not every day wear and tear that can lead to problems like roof leaks and water damage. Knowing what your insurance policy does, and does not cover, as well as putting money away into an emergency home repair account, is critical for all homeowners.


Ask for Documentation

Having documentation of your roof’s replacements and repairs can help you plan for future replacements and understand insurance claims.  For example, too manydamages to your roof can make it difficult to insure. Make sure to ask for these documents so that you fully understand your roof’s history.


Roof Inspection

Sometimes when a house has a steeply pitched roof, home inspectors will only conduct a visual inspection of the roof from a ladder or the ground. In those cases, it’s a good idea to have a professional roof inspector take a look at the roof, too. Having a roofing professional evaluate the roof ensures that you don’t miss minor problems that can lead to larger, more expensive issues down the road. Roofing professionals are also qualified to judge the condition of the roofing material, identify any replacement concerns and detect any inexpensive repairs that may be able to be made before purchasing the house.

Are you looking to buy a new home and need a reliable roof inspector? Call Enterprise Roofing today at 937-453-3933 to schedule a roof inspection or free consultation. We have been serving the Dayton area since 1926 and are experts in roofing choices for Ohio and the Midwest region.